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Zoe International (T) Ltd is a company based, operates and registered in Tanzania. It is a result of expansion of the mother company (Zoe international PTE Ltd) incorporated in Singapore since 1995 and that specializes in energy efficient heat pumps, dehumidifiers and air conditioning systems.

Zoe International (T) Ltd was established officially in 2014 as “Specialist contractor” in refrigeration and air condition class II. Apart from domestic window and split type air conditioners, Zoe International also focus on supply, installation, maintenance, Service and repair of air conditioners for Commercial buildings, Hotel, Telecoms, Offices, Supermarkets and Co-generation power plants.

Zoe International (T) Ltd being the representative and sole distributor of products from Hope Deepblue Air-conditioner Manufacture Corp., Ltd as well as Slanvert Variable Speed Drives Manufacturer that have affiliated to Continental Hope Group established in 1997 has the duty of providing technical supports and after sale services. Zoe International (T) Ltd keeps up a close cooperation with Zoe International Pte Ltd to insure access to high quality services through experienced engineers with technical skills aiming at providing cooling and refrigeration solutions.